About This Website

In Stockport, we’re passionate about data and the impact good data can have in helping to answer questions, collaborate on shared objectives and support evidence based decision making. The Stockport Picture open data portal is designed to provide residents and organisations with access to data encouraging it’s reuse for the benefit of Stockport citizens and increasing transparency. On this site you will find data is available in a number of formats, from row level extracts to interactive dashboards with self-service functionality to signposts to existing open datasets that contain information on Stockport. The site will continue to grow and we will look for feedback on new datasets that can be added to help with our ambition for making the most of our data assets. Information governance and data ethics will be embedded into the decision making process regarding what data is and isn’t shared. As the volume and variety of data continues to grow significantly we will continue to publish valuable open data, all with the aim to help improve outcomes for citizens and service users in Stockport.